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Editorial Policy

At Gotham Skincare, our mandate is straightforward: we aim to deliver impartial, expert skincare advice. If it isn’t backed by scientific evidence, it doesn’t feature on our site. It’s as clear-cut as that.

To us, skincare is an intimate journey.

The skincare realm is riddled with misinformation.

However, that is not the case here; we publish only verified and trusted information.

Our research stems from the renowned National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI). We craft our articles with the expertise of skin care professionals and the consistent consultation of dermatologists.

In essence? Reliable skincare advice that you can trust.

Our Values

Science first: If it’s not reinforced by scientific data, it doesn’t find a place on our site. It’s that uncomplicated.

Ingredients over flashy labels and packaging: We endorse products based on their ingredients—not ostentatious packaging or enticing aromas.

Skincare education: Knowing your skin type and concerns makes skincare incredibly simpler. If you’re unsure, we’re here to assist you!

No pseudoscience: Numerous skincare myths circulate in public discourse. We’re committed to debunking these fallacies.

Want to learn more? Connect with us: [email protected].

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