Best Moisturizer for Black Skin

Moisturizing your skin is an essential part of any beauty regime, and doesn’t only leave your skin feeling beautifully smooth, but also plays a big part in the fight against the signs of aging.

However, not all skin types are the same and what works well for one person may not necessarily work for another. 

This is particularly true for people with black skin, which is prone to more issues and conditions such as hypertrophic scarring, eczema or hyperpigmentation more than any other skin type. Darker skin is also much thicker than lighter skin, so tends to dry out and suffer from irritation more.

However, despite these issues there is still a lot of confusion around which moisturizers are suitable for black skin, and people with African heritage are often left using the wrong product for their skin type, and missing out on giving their skin the treatment it needs.

But just what exactly should a person with black skin be looking for in a moisturizer? To help take the confusion out of it, we’ve put together a buying guide packed full of the features and ingredients that will nourish and repair the skin, whilst helping to reduce the signs of aging and protect against sun damage. 

We’ve also listed five of our favorite moisturizers that are perfect for black skin below, all of which are fantastic products to add to your armory of skin care. 

So, put your feet up, relax and come with us as we journey through the best moisturizers for black skin.

If you’re in a hurry and eager to step up your skin care game, and are looking for an amazing moisturizer that will help you achieve smooth, youthful looking black skin, then check out our top pick below.

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Best Moisturizer for Black Skin - Reviews

This snail repair cream from Luminositie is not only designed to be super moisturizing, but will also help with many other problems people with black skin can experience.

Snail oil, or mucin, is renowned for its moisturizing properties and effectively hydrates your skin whilst simultaneously promoting the skin’s ability to retain moisture, resulting in brighter, youthful looking skin. It’s also a naturally occurring source of hyaluronic acid, which can hold up to 1000x its own weight in water, so ideal for keeping skin hydrated. 

More than a simple moisturizer, this repair cream also triggers the regeneration of skin cells on the epidermis and helps to fade scars, and heal any damage caused by UV radiation. This is thanks to the glycolic acid found in the ingredients, that removes dead skin cells whilst encouraging growth of new ones. 

This amazing repair cream also contains antimicrobial properties, which help to kill off any bacteria on the skin and reduces the chance of any acne breakouts, as well as antioxidant properties which help protect skin cells against free radicals and other toxins.


  • Not only super moisturizing, but also helps to improve problems often associated with black skin
  • Contains snail oil which is renowned for hydrating skin and also promoting the skin’s ability to retain moisture

  • Uses glycolic acid to trigger the regeneration of skin cells and fade scars

  • Antimicrobial properties kill bacteria in pores, reducing the chance of an acne breakout

  • Also has antioxidant properties that help protect against free radicals


  • Doesn’t contain any SPF protection, so you would need to use a sunscreen on top of this moisturizer

Using a Total Soy Complex™ to help reduce the appearance of blotchiness and discoloration, as well as provide powerful anti-aging properties, this daily moisturizer from Aveeno is the perfect new addition to your beauty regimen.

Clinically proven to even out skin tone and texture in as little as four weeks, it also helps to boost the levels of collagen production, so is ideal for fading scars as well as deeply nourishing and moisturizing your skin. 

This moisturizer also contains SPF 15, so will help to protect your skin against UV rays and can be used as lightweight, fast-absorbing sunscreen without feeling too heavy or creamy when applied. 

Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin thanks to it’s hypoallergenic properties, this daily moisturizer is also non-comedogenic, so won’t clog up your pores once applied.


  • Uses a Total Soy Complex™ to provide a wealth of skin care benefits

  • Helps to moisturize your skin and fight the signs of aging

  • Clinically proven to even out skin tone and texture in just four weeks

  • Boosts collagen production in the skin, helping to fade scars

  • Contains SPF 15 to protect against UV rays, and is suitable for sensitive skin


  • Some customers reported an issue with the design of the bottle, noting specifically that the pump would occasionally clog

Recommended by dermatologists, this daily moisturizer from Cetaphil is formulated with a combination of key moisturizing ingredients to protect for 24 hours at at time and leave your skin hydrated, soft and smooth.

Clinically proven to moisturize and nourish your skin, this creamy moisturizer helps to enhance the hydration levels in your skin for long-lasting relief from dry skin. 

The blend of moisturizing ingredients that make up the Epidermal Replenishing Complex are sodium PCA, sodium panthenol, all-natural shea butter, cyclopentasiloxane and dimethiconol, all of of which work together to lock water into your skin and leave it hydrated and moisturized. 

Designed as a non-greasy lotion, this moisturizer easily and quickly absorbs into the skin and gets to work immediately. It’s also non-comedogenic and fragrance free, so won’t cause any irritation to sensitive skin.


  • Dermatologist recommended, this advance lotion protects skin for 24 hours at a time
  • Clinically proven to moisturize and nourish skin

  • Contains 5 key moisturizing ingredients that work together to lock in moisture and keep your skin hydrated

  • The non-greasy formula quickly absorbs into skin and gets straight to work

  • Non-comedogenic and fragrance free, so is even suitable for use on sensitive skin


  • Doesn’t contain any sun protection properties

If you’re looking for a moisturizer that will give you stronger, healthier skin then this complete moisturizer from Era Organics could be exactly what you need.

Packed full of vitamins and minerals that will moisturize deeply, repair and rejuvenate skin cells, stimulate new cell growth and boost healing, this moisturizer is ideal for anybody that suffers with scarring, dry skin or simply wants to reduce the signs of aging. It’s even suitable for use on sensitive skin!

Amongst the ingredients used in this moisturizer is aloe vera, which contains vitamins A, C, B & E, as well as naturally occurring minerals including zinc, magnesium and copper, all of which bring soothing and healing properties to the skin. Aloe vera also contains natural antimicrobial properties, helping to kill any bacteria that may lead to breakouts.

This moisturizer also contains manuka honey which, thanks to its unique blend of vitamins and minerals, helps to hydrate the skin and boost collagen production. This decreases the signs of aging, and helps with the healing of both acne and hypertrophic scarring.

As well as these amazing ingredients, not to mention a plethora of other natural ingredients, this fantastic moisturizer also contains shea butter, which has been used in black skin care for centuries due to its UV protection levels and healing properties.


  • Packed full of naturally occurring vitamins and minerals, and gentle enough to use on sensitive skin
  • Contains aloe vera which hydrates soothes and repairs the skin 

  • Aloe vera also has antimicrobial properties, so will help reduce the likelihood of breakouts

  • Also contains manuka honey that helps boosts collagen production and helps fade scarring

  • Uses shea butter to deeply moisturize and provide UV protection


  • Although it contains shea butter, which has natural UV protective properties, this moisturizer doesn’t have an SPF rating

Clinically proven to reduce the signs of aging in just three weeks, this moisturizer from Neutrogena helps to tackle three skin issues (wrinkles, tone and firmness) at once, and leaves your skin feeling and looking beautifully smooth and clear.

Containing powerful Hexinol™ technology as well as glycerin, this moisturizer targets wrinkles, and boosts the skin’s ability to self heal by promoting collagen production in the epidermis. By boosting collagen collagen production, this moisturizer also helps with the fading of scars.

It also contains high levels of vitamin C, which helps to even out skin tone and nourish the skin, as well as helping with the fight against the signs of aging.

On top of all of this, it also has an SPF of 25, so will help to keep your skin protected from the sun and UV damage, which is a big contributor to the signs of aging, without sacrificing any moisturizing power.


  • Clinically proven to reduce the signs of aging in as little as three weeks
  • Contains glycerin and Hexinol­™ technology to target wrinkles, boost collagen production and reduce the signs of aging

  • Helps to heal and fade scarring

  • Also contains vitamin C that helps to nourish the skin and even out skin tone

  • Has an SPF of 25 that will keep your skin protected from UV damage and the sun’s rays


  • Some customers that purchased this moisturizer noted that it takes a good amount of working into the skin before it fully absorbs

Best Moisturizer for Black Skin - Buyers Guide

Incorporating a good quality moisturizer into your beauty regime is one of the best things that you can do for black skin, and not only will it help to keep your skin smooth and glowing, but it can also help tackle the skin issues and conditions that people with black skin are more prone to suffering from.

However, as with all beauty products, it can be easy to get lost in the jargon and you could end up purchasing a moisturizer that is wrong for your skin type, and won’t give you the results you’re looking for.

To take some of the confusion out of it, we’ve listed some points you should give some consideration to below before making your final decision, and that will help you find the perfect moisturizer for your individual needs. 


As dark skin is much thicker than light skin, it’s important to find a moisturizer that will penetrate the epidermis and get right down into your skin where it can carry out it’s work with ease.

Thicker, creamy moisturizers are perfect for black skin as they will sink down deeper than lighter serums and, although will take a little bit more of working into the skin, will hydrate effectively. 

If you can find a gorgeous, creamy moisturizer that is also water based or oil free, this would be a perfect choice as it will absorb into your skin without leaving behind any excess oil which could clog the pores and lead to acne outbreaks.


There are several fantastic ingredients to keep an eye out for when you’re looking for a moisturizer to use on black skin, and they all play a really significant part in keeping your skin looking and feeling amazing.

Ingredients such as glycerin will help to encourage the collagen production in your skin, which in turn provides your skin with healthy structure and keeps it looking fresh and glowing. Increased collagen levels also helps with the fading of acne and hypertrophic scarring, which is something that black skin can often suffer with.

Another amazing ingredient found in some moisturizers and skin repair creams is snail mucin. This natural ingredient is fantastic for providing skin with hydration, and is also a naturally occurring source of hyaluronic acid, which can hold up to 1000x its own weight in water and locks moisture into your skin.

Many moisturizers also use a variety of natural ingredients to bring moisture and healing properties to skin. Most common amongst these is aloe vera, which doesn’t only contain super moisturizing properties, but also has natural antibacterial properties so can help to prevent any breakouts.

Manuka honey is another great natural ingredient found in some moisturizers, and has naturally occurring collagen boosting properties which will help with healing and fading scars.

If you’re after a product that uses a lot of natural ingredients, look for something that uses shea butter as it’s moisturizing ingredient. Shea butter works wonders on black skin, and deeply moisturizes whilst providing natural protection for the sun’s rays. 

UV Protection

Increased melanin levels in black skin means it has a higher resistance to UV damage, however it’s still really important to protect skin from sun exposure even on cloudy days. UV damage is one of the biggest contributors to the appearance of aging, so it’s important to fight against it!

Look for a moisturizer that has an SPF protection factor of at least 15. Remember, however, that on really sunny days your moisturizer will not be enough to just use by itself, and you should still top up with sunscreen as an extra precaution.

Cleansing & Exfoliation

As important as a moisturizer is in your skin care regime, it is only one part of it. Cleansing your skin daily with a good facial wash prior to applying your moisturizer will help get your skin looking healthy and youthful.

Black skin also tends to produce higher levels of sebum than lighter skin, which can get trapped in pores and lead to painful, irritating acne breakouts. Therefore, it’s also really important that you exfoliate twice a week before applying your moisturizer.


Some moisturizers can be pretty expensive, but if you shop around you may be surprised to find that you can still get a really good quality moisturizer for black skin without having to spend a fortune.

By properly researching and taking the above points into consideration before you purchase, you might be able to find a lower-priced moisturizer that has all of the same ingredients and benefits as a higher-end one. Remember - pay for the product, not for the brand. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the best moisturizer for black skin?

Black skin requires extra care and attention that may not be available in all moisturizers, so  a bit of research will have to be done to find the perfect one. The most important thing to look for in a moisturizer for black skin is the ability to deeply hydrate the skin, and allow it to maintain excellent moisture levels throughout the day. Take a look at out buying guide above for a full breakdown of what to look for in a good quality moisturizer for black skin.

Are moisturizers that contain natural ingredients better for black skin?

The choice between natural and chemical ingredients really comes down to personal preference. Most moisturizers will contain a mix of both, however the balance will tip more towards one that the other. For black skin, natural ingredients such as shea butter, aloe vera and manuka honey are amazing at providing moisturizing, healing and anti-aging properties. However, advances in skin care also mean that many companies are able to create their own patented technologies that also provide fantastic results. Both options are great, so do some research and then decide which is best for you. 

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